Specialty Glass

Laminated, curved, digitally printed glass canopy drilled for fasteners and support brackets.

Features use of ceramic inks for color stability on exterior application as well as Eastman DG Structural interlayer for safety and additional mechanical strength of the unit.

Among the specialty glass applications we have supplied are:

  • High performance IG units with gas fill (air, argon and krypton fill are available)
  • Units with SHGC below 0.20 and with U-values below 0.15
  • Low-iron glass ranging from 4mm to 19mm thickness
  • Laminated glass products with post-lamination edge polishing (annealed and tempered)
  • Privacy glass
  • Curved laminated and tempered units (some as IGUs)
  • Interlayer options (PVB; Eastman DG Structural & Acoustic; Kuraray SGP)
  • Laminated with slip resistant top layers (interior and exterior applications)
  • Pattern units
  • Ultra clear and non-reflective glass display units (single and dual coated)