Other Specialty Products

Aluminum Door Frames

Used for interior applications, these door frames are typically used with wood or aluminum door panels and feature options such as:

  • Trim options for different depth wall conditions
  • Preparation for hinges, strikes for latches or lock sets and reinforcement for surface closers
  • Fire rating of up to 90 minutes (no sidelight or transom options)

The door panels, hardware and any glazing products are supplied by others

Specialty Hollow Metal

Typically we have supplied specialty Hollow Metal products for specific needs such as:

  • Stainless steel frames and doors for interior aplications
  • Lead lined frames and doors
  • Labeled frames and doors for interior use
  • Custom shaped frames and doors for interior applications

Although we do not supply hardware or most glazing products for use on the above products, we have been asked and have supplied X-ray glass and specialty glass make-ups to accommodate our customers.

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We did not supply any specialty products for this application.